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10 Function Pure Bendie

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Sometimes during sex we find ourselves in very interesting positions. Well now you can recreate them on your own with this exciting, super flexible vibe. The vertebrae allow for bending in just about any direction to help you hit that magical spot! The shaft is thick and will make you feel full and satisfied, and is ribbed for added sensation.

Simply scroll through the 10 functions to find which one best suits your needs, and let the innovative memory chip remember it for next time! During your next session, your vibe will start off with the last mode you ended with, saving you the hassle of trying to recall which one you liked best. It's quiet, discreet buzzing allows you to use this just about anywhere, making it perfect for travel. As if all this wasn't enough, this bad boy is also waterproof, so bring him into the tub or pool during a late night skinny dip session, and go to town!

More Information
Manufacturer 4
Color Purple
Waterproof Yes, This item is waterproof.
Power This item is powered by 189 size battery.
Detailed Material This item is made of 241, 300
Overall Length The overall length is 336 inches.
Insertable Length The insertable length is 426 inches.
Thin Girth The thin girth of this item is 472 inches.
Thick Girth The thick girth of this item is 7.75 inches.
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