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Bathmate Hercules

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Take your pumping to the next level with the Hercules by Bathmate. What was once a bedroom activity can now be safely and effectively done in the privacy of your shower or bath with relative ease and comfort.

The first thing you are going to notice on the Hercules is the lack of pumping tool, such as a balloon or plunger. So how then does this pump have such a great following (and has even been featured on Tosh.O)? The answer lies in the revolutionary way that it is used.

First off, this pump works best after you\'ve had a bath or shower to relax. Once you\'re clean, trimmed, and ready, simply fill the cylinder with water. Insert your flaccid member and press the base against your pelvic bone. You will notice that one side of the base is cut at an angle - this is the side that should go closest to your testicles, but should not be pressed against them.

With the Bathmate Hercules in position, you can begin to pump it against your body. It should only take a few pumps to get maximum suction. After you have spent a few seconds getting pumped, you can let it go and finish your bath or shower. We recommend repumping the Hercules every five minutes or so to keep the suction at its maximum. While the pump does it\'s work, watch your erection grown with the mm measurements along the front of the cylinder.

The Hercules can add up to 2\" of length and 1/2\" in of girth to make you the hardest and longest you have ever been. This safe and effective pump eliminates the need for invasive enhancement surgeries, while fitting conveniently into your routine. Use this pump twice a week for up to 20 minutes at a time for maximum results. We love the Hercules for its beautiful and unique design and overall convenience. It is small and powerful, and a great addition to any serious pumpers bedroom toy box.

More Information
Manufacturer Bathmate
Color Red
Phthalate Free Yes, This item is phthalate free.
Detailed Material This item is made of Plastic, Soft PVC
Overall Length The overall length is 11.75 inches.
Insertable Length The insertable length is 8.25 inches.
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