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Colt Turbo Bullet

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Sleek and well-made bullets can be few and far between, but they are not impossible to find. Proof of that idea can be found time and time again in the Colt line. The Colt Turbo Bullet is a great example of combining form and function into one sleek, powerful bullet.

Decidedly masculine with the red and black controller, the Colt Turbo Bullet is larger than average. The controller has multiple speeds to cycle you through low to high vibration levels. The long cord makes it easy for you to pick your favorite setting and throw the side. On top of the long cord, the bullet is also very large making it perfect to cover more skin for a greater sensation. Although it is not waterproof, the many uses of this bullet more than makes up for it. The Colt Turbo Bullet can be used as a traditional bullet for external massage purposes, but it is also a great toy to use on the clitoris and perineum. This is one of our favorite toys, and we're sure it will be on of yours too.

More Information
Manufacturer California Exotics
Color Metallic Silver
Phthalate Free Yes, This item is phthalate free.
Width The width is 1.50 inches.
Power This item is powered by 3 AA size battery.
Detailed Material This item is made of ABS
Overall Length The overall length is 3 inches.
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