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Coochy Cream Pear Berry

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Nobody wants red, bumpy, itchy irritated skin at the moment of truth - it's embarrassing and just not sexy. Have no fear, Coochy Cream is here! If you have ever tried shaving in a rush before a date, before the beach or a night out, you'll appreciate Coochy Cream even more.

Come on...we've all done it. Waited until the last minute to get ready and realized, "Oh No! I didn't shave!" So you scramble to, with one leg up on the sink or tub ledge, or try and do a quick balancing act in the shower. The result? Plenty of nicks and red, unsightly bumps which definitely do not help foster the sexy siren persona you were hoping to convey. Help!

The answer? Coochy Cream. The most popular sensual shave cream ever. Made with Aloe Vera, this gentle cream will help glide the razor effortlessly over even the most stubborn areas, but is gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin. It comes in a variety of scents, and will leave you feeling moisturized and conditioned, and prepare your outside to match the sexy vixen we know you are inside!

This version is Pear Berry. We love this particular scent because it is sweet and refreshing, just fruity enough and perfect for your sensitive spots! The most popular fragrance of Coochy Cream by far.
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Manufacturer Classic Erotica
Volume 4 oz.
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