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Enhance Travel Pump System

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The Enhance Travel Pump System is a premium product for the modern man on the go. This device easily and neatly disassembles and can nest (think like the Russian stacking dolls) for storage. The cylinder is a two-piece design so you can fit your pump discreetly into the smallest spaces in your luggage or bedroom.

Once you ready to use your pump, you will find that it is loaded with delightful extras. The pump is equipped with a revolutionary quick release that enables the device to retain suction even when the hose is removed. If you're the kind of man that likes to keep track of his progress, you will be happy to see that there are measurements along the side. You will no longer have to wonder if your investment is paying off, the proof is on the pump itself! With all of these features on the pump, plus the cock ring and carrying pouch, this is one of the best deals in male enhancement.

More Information
Manufacturer 4
Color Clear
Width The width is 2.50 inches.
Detailed Material This item is made of 241, 293
Overall Length The overall length is 340 inches.
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