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Fetish Fantasy Position Master with Cuffs

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We all know that feeling; when you're sexually on top of the world but your legs start to give up. There's nothing worse than that moment, when you've finally found the perfect rhythm and position and have to give it up. To help you with those intense sessions, there is the Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master with Cuffs.

With both comfort and submission in mind, this system is lined with cushions to make every position as comfortable as it can be. Using the tension created by the neck cushion, the leg restraints make it easy to be bent to your lovers will in any position that you can think of. Not only are your legs chained and spread, but your arms are too. You are not completely at the mercy of your master, but are also in total and complete comfort.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master with Cuffs is totally adjustable, needing only a simple tug on the straps to totally change the position of the legs. Now you can enjoy all of the pleasure of letting the control in your sexual life go, without the discomfort that this can sometimes bring.

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Manufacturer 11
Color Black
Detailed Material This item is made of 267, 271
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