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Fetish Fantasy Sensual Seduction Kit

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The Fetish Fantasy Series has come out with a perfect beginner's kit to help you subdue and seduce your lover. Many people can be wary about turning over control to someone else, but this is the perfect way to introduce some light BDSM into your lovemaking routine.

The satin love mask rests comfortably and gently over the eyes, allowing you to surprise your lover with kisses, spanks, and caresses from every angle!

The feather tickler can be used to trace the curvy contours of you partner's body, tickling and enticing them tenderly, making them arch and squirm in the anticipation of what's to come.

The first timer's beginner cuffs are the most useful seduction tool in the kit, as they are soft, easy to use and have a Velcro closure for quick and simple release. Keep you partners hands fastened either in front of them or behind their backs as you tantalize and tease them at your will!

This is a great addition to a lover's weekend getaway, a naughty birthday surprise, or to slowly introduce the sexy world of fetish play into your normal routine.

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Manufacturer 11
Color Black
Detailed Material This item is made of 257, 271, 302
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