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Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy

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E-stim play was long considered a far out form of fetish play that few could understand and even fewer had ever embraced. Recently that all changed. Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series e-stim devices have given a mass-market appeal to this little known taboo. The Shock Therapy set is a fabulous first step into this type of play because it is one of the most versatile devices of its kind. With a digital power controller and four electrode pads, you can very precisely control intensity and placement on yourself or your lover.

When activated, each pad sends an electrode pulse into the muscle and tissue of the area it is attached to, forcing a very pleasant internal pulsation and vibration that is like nothing most people have ever experienced. For those still confused, do not think of it as electric shock as much as electric massage…it is wonderfully titillating. As an added bonus a blindfold is included to create a totally mind-blowing experience.

Consider coupling this set with some Fetish Fantasy electrode gel to maximize its power!

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Manufacturer 11
Color Black
Secondary Colors White also used in this product.
Power This item is powered by 182 size battery.
Detailed Material This item is made of 269, 281
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