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Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit)

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Most guys would do just about anything to increase their bedroom stamina. There is probably nothing more frustrating than not being able to perform at the high level you, or your lover might desire. You may have tried creams, pills, herbs and prayers, but what you really should consider is spending a little bit of time "practicing".

Yes, practice makes perfect - that old adage is as relevant in the bedroom as it is on the baseball diamond. To be ready for your big game you want to be sure you know how to handle your, well...bat.

We're not talking about masturbating - you can masturbate all you want to, and handfuls of lube, and jelly strokers are a blast (we sell plenty for a reason) - but to really prepare for and get control over your body during sex, you need to be able to practice with truly realistic sensations.

That's where Fleshlight's STU comes in. The Stamina Training Unit mimics vaginal intercourse so closely it boggles the mind. From the realistic molded exterior to the patented SuperSkin ultra-realistic material and intelligently engineered interior texturing, the STU will knock your socks off (if your wearing any).

The truth is that the interior is textured to over-stimulate you - more than any vagina could hope to. Fleshlight's claim is that if you can last 10 minutes with the STU, you can last 20+ minutes in bed with anyone. You will be able to really take your time and focus on how different positions, speeds and techniques effect your body - when it comes time to have intercourse with your partner, you will be ready for action, knowing your strengths and weaknesses better than ever before. Plus, you will be accustomed to some of the most intense and mind-blowing sensations you've ever felt, which could help you overcome typical sensitivity, making bedroom action last longer than ever before!

Now, we are big Fleshlight fans - we carry many of their products - each of the Fleshlight masturbators is great - they all feel wonderful and have their unique benefits. That said, the STU's interior was specially designed not only to pleasure you, but to stimulate and even over-stimulate you.

We recommend the STU highly, but remember, this is not a typical "daily stroker" - buy this product if you really want to get serious about performance. Also, remember to use a water-based lube with your Fleshlight (we have some for you to choose from) - oil based lubes tend to break down the SuperSkin material.

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