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Fleshlight Teagan Presley's Lotus

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Blonde bombshell Teagan Presley\'s is the perfect girl to deliver amazing fantasy gratification that you\'ll enjoy with a Fleshlight, particularly a Fleshilght molded into a perfect replica of your favorite porn star. The Teagan Presley Lotus Fleshlight is carefully created to look and feel just like the gorgeous actress herself; and combined with incredibly lifelike detailing and an irresistible inner texture, this is the closest you\'ll get to being inside her.

Shaped into a an exact replica of Teagan\'s pussy, you\'ll feel the soft lips cling gently as you enter the popular Lotus interior, next you\'ll experience a smooth, ultra tight tunnel that widens subtly into sexy, undulating waves that grip and release you realistically all the way through. It was made to perfectly mimic vaginal sex, the inverted entry gets you in quick, and the pleasure chambers provide extreme stimulation, which can actually help you train yourself to last longer in bed. As with all Fleshlight models, you\'ll be able to adjust how tightly the inner walls grip you by varying the suction; loosen or tighten up the cap on the bottom of the casing to see for yourself.

The design of this masturbator really is perfect for self-pleasure, the body is styled like a traditional flashlight that not only looks discreet; but also makes for a natural and comfortable grip. Aside from simply holding your Fleshlight Girl in hand, you might want to wedge the case between couch cushions or pillows to be used hands-free, or try a special mount that lets you mimic some of the most popular positions.

The revolutionary, ultra safe Superskin material making up the removable interior sleeve is incredibly soft and realistic feeling, you\'ll love how it warms to the touch, heating naturally to body temperature with use. You can play with temperature even more by heating up the sleeve in warm water first (do not attempt this in a microwave or regular oven!), and throw your lube bottle in while you\'re at it for more of a deliciously real feel. You\'ll love how Superskin keeps its shape like actual flesh, it\'s soft and elastic, and grips you gently.
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