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Intensity Kegel Exerciser

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The Intensity Kegel Exerciser, introduced through a collaboration with Jopen and sexual research company Pour Moi in 2011 is, well, Intense. It is not a vibrator, it is not a sex toy, it is not really any one thing...but at the same time it is all of these things combined. We weren\'t really sure how to categorize it on our site, or in conversation - that is, until we received some samples. The Intensity is different from anything we\'ve seen. It is large, certainly larger than typical, but then again, nothing about Intensity is typical. The silicone is the smoothest and most beautiful purple-ish color

Now for the fun part. The \"Intimate Health and Stimulation\" device is an orgasm monster...plain and simple. Trials have been conducted with some very lucky \"testers\", (and a few of our own) - and most women reached a mind-blowing climax within 2 minutes. There are even plans to use the device to aid in sex therapy.

The Intensity Kegel Exerciser has an expandable shaft so that once inserted it pumps up (yes, just like those old Reeboks), filling you to just the right level and pressing super-awesome e-stim pads against your vaginal walls. The shaft begins to vibrate - on the exterior of the device a separate rabbit-style tickler stimulates your clit. You are speechless - time to take it a step further.

Everything I just described would be more than enough power to bring most women to a wonderful climax - but to really knock your socks off, Intensity has included e-stim pads. Activate the pads to send pulses and waves of electricity into your vaginal muscles, causing them to expand and contract (just as they do during orgasm), on demand.

You will go from speechless to screaming in about 2 minutes flat. The vibrators have multiple speeds and the e-stim controls allow you to start off gently and work your way up to full power. The \"toy\" literally induces orgasm by forcing your body into it...again, nothing we\'ve ever seen or experienced until now. The Intensity also comes with free conductive lube that was specifically formulated to enhance the experience - it is wonderfully slick and will also help you enjoy the e-stim to the fullest.

As if you needed any additional reasons to buy the Intensity Kegel Exerciser

  • Promotes tighter and more toned pelvic floor muscles, which leads to increased orgasm strength.
  • Heterosexual couples have reported that penetrative sex is always better after a few uses of Intensity - the vaginal walls are more toned and the muscles contract more readily and with more intensity promoting more pleasure for both partners.
  • Best of all, the more you use the Intensity the better it gets - it tones your pelvic floor muscles through intense orgasm - and orgasm intensity is effected by having tighter pelvic floor muscles - get the picture?
More Information
Manufacturer Pour Moi
Color Purple
Phthalate Free Yes, This item is phthalate free.
Power This item is powered by 4 AAA size battery.
Detailed Material This item is made of Silicone
Overall Length The overall length is 12 inches.
Insertable Length The insertable length is 5 inches.
Thick Girth The thick girth of this item is 4.5 inches.
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