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Kimono MicroThin

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We consider Kimono Condoms to be a "Connoisseur's Condom". You wont see a Kimono TV ad during next year's superbowl, and most of the stores you shop at wont have them on the shelves, but if you research condoms often (we do), you'll soon learn that Kimono is an exceptional condom brand.

Much of Kimono's legendary status is attributed to the fact that the condoms are so damn thin. They measure in at around .046 millimeters in thickness. So what does that mean? Well, by comparison, Lifestyles UltraThin condoms measure in at .057 millimeters, a full 25% thicker. But don't let the thin design of Kimono MicroThin concern you - this is a fully reputable and reliable product that is precision engineered by Japanese scientists. This particular package includes 12 extra-thin, well lubricated condoms.

Just remember this formula: Less latex = more sensation; more sensation = more smiles and of course, more smiles = more satisfied NTT customers. With that complex formula in mind, we are happy to endorse Kimono.
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Manufacturer 45
Color Blue
Detailed Material This item is made of 266
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