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Master Series Condemned Penetration Cage W/ Anal Insertion

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Customize your slaves chastity experience with a cage that also gives you the option of using a urethral insert and even a butt plug! Confine him in a more simple cage by removing the sound and using the basic base ring, but you will always have the option of filling him with cool, smooth stainless steel. The urethral spout is hollow so that he can use the bathroom while wearing the Condemned cage, and the entire device locks shut so that he has no hope for escape. When you decide to stuff his ass, just pull his shaft and scrotum through the ring and press the anal ball into him with a little lube.Your slave will feel completely defeated within this cruel chastity device, trapped and at your mercy!
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Manufacturer 86
Color Metallic Silver
Detailed Material This item is made of 297
Overall Length The overall length is 322 inches.
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