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Max Results Pump

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Here are two issues we have with many run-of-the-mill pumps we see each day.

#1 - The pump handle is poorly constructed. It can stick, slow down, break etc.

#2 - The vacuum release valve is located on the handle of the pump. This can be very inconvenient if you've let the pump handle go and its hose brings it to a place of rest a few feet away from you.

The Max Results Pump really knocks our socks off. Not only does it easily remedy these two issues (the pump handle is amazing and the release valve is on top of the cylinder itself), but it goes even further. The jelly doughnut at the base of the cylinder is very well designed and the cylinder itself has measurement marks for charting your progress.

The only thing missing from this pump is a suction gauge - which is a feature we prefer to see on pumps - but if monitoring your suction power is not a priority, this will be a great pump for you!
More Information
Manufacturer 4
Color Clear
Secondary Colors Metallic Silver also used in this product.
Phthalate Free Yes, This item is phthalate free.
Detailed Material This item is made of 241, 281, 287
Overall Length The overall length is 338 inches.
Insertable Length The insertable length is 434 inches.
Thin Girth The thin girth of this item is 481 inches.
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