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Miracle Massager

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Everyone is asleep but you're awake and you're looking for some fun. You need a quiet toy that is going to pack a punch. That's where the Miracle Massager comes in. Powered by an adapter (no need for batteries!) this toy is nearly soundless and is the perfect discrete pleasure power-house.

The Miracle Massager has a slight curve to its design, so it is ergonomic and puts no strain on your hand/wrist. There are two different speeds that this can go at; awesome and mind-blowing. If the default head isn't enough for you, no worries. The Miracle Massager has several additional heads available, making this a highly customizable toy that will leave you satisfied every time.

Want to invite a partner into the mix? No problem. The Miracle Massager is great for couple play! While it must be plugged into an outlet, the wire over 6 feet long, allowing for maximum movement. Give the control over to your partner and they'll have a blast watching you squirm. The Miracle Massager is suitable for all forms of external play and is easily taken with you wherever you go.

More Information
Manufacturer 4
Color Black
Width The width is 1.75 inches.
Power This item is powered by 174 size battery.
Detailed Material This item is made of 274, 295
Overall Length The overall length is 343 inches.
Thin Girth The thin girth of this item is 473 inches.
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