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Shades of Grey Feather Crop

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Some nights you feel like teasing, and some nights you feel a little kinkier. When you want a toy that can perform both ways, the Shades of Grey Feather Crop is the way to go.

This crop is a double-sided showstopper. On one end you have the soft and titillating feel of luxurious feathers. When used as a light dusting across your partners chest, the feathers will cause your partners body to come alive with excitement. On the other end though is a great symbol for total control. The crop is hard and shiny, making it a beautiful combination of form and function. It's up to you how intense of a session you and your partner has. Playfully smack or give it all of your strength, either way you and your partner are going to have a blast.

As with any form of bondage play, the Shades of Grey Feather Crop is a great way to switch up the dominant roles in your relationship. With the power of this crop, even the meekest office worker can be transformed into a strong and dominating figure in the bedroom. This crop is fun for users of all levels, but is most suited for the beginner.

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Manufacturer 11
Color Black
Detailed Material This item is made of 258, 274
Overall Length The overall length is 372 inches.
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