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Shades of Grey Satin Love Mask

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Less is definitely more, as is proven with the large amount of sexual sensory deprivation aids. Taking away your partners ability to see, taste, smell, or hearing is a great way to force them to focus on another one of their senses and heighten the overall sexual experience. Doing that with comfort in mind is the Shades of Grey Satin Love Mask.

Right from the packaging, you can see the quality in this mask. There is an understated gloss to the raised letters, bringing a little glamour into this basic fetish tool. The mask itself is large enough to cover both male and female faces both comfortably and completely. There are two different elastics to ensure a secure fit over your face, and to greatly limit any and all light from getting in. Put this mask on your partner and take their wants completely out of the equation. The Shades of Grey Satin Love Mask provides a unisex way to make your partner completely be at your mercy (as it should be.)

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Manufacturer 11
Color Black
Detailed Material This item is made of 275
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