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Shades of Grey Spandex Hood

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Anonymity is a powerful tool in any kink enthusiast's arsenal. Being able to become anyone (or no-one) during play is one of the greatest and most freeing feelings in the world, and can lead to a mind-blowing sexual encounter. The Fifty Shades Spandex Hood hides the majority of the face, leaving only theeyes and mouth exposed.

This hood is completely gender neutral, fitting the vast majority of people. The soft and thin spandex allows for the person wearing it to still hear and breath, despite their ears and nose being covered. There are three holes; one for the mouth, and one for each eye. This guarantees you easy access to your partner's mouth and the ability to have them watch everything that you do. Don't want them looking? No problem, just pair it up with a mask!

The Fifty Shades Spandex Hood is soft and stretchy, making it great for anyone who's looking for an easier introduction to bondage. The hood fits most people, and the three holes are large enough to accommodate all sizes of eyes and lips.

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