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Shades of Grey Spreader Bar

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Total control over you and your partner's pleasure is not always easy to achieve. The pesky little thing called "free will" always seems to rear its ugly head and make your sub try to control the fun. Not anymore though thanks to the Shades of Grey Spreader Bar.

Packaged in a beautiful gray and black box, this bar is going to change the way you play. It is just the right length to keep your partners legs open, while not causing them any major discomfort. The look of the silver rod keeping their legs in place is more than a little erotic in itself; you can use it in nearly any position as a measure of control. The adjustable ankle cuffs are soft enough for you to be comfortable in the knowledge that you aren't hurting them, but are strong enough to also hold up against even your most intense sessions.

The Shades of Grey Spreader Bar has the right combination of comfort and utility to make it a favorite for your next erotic encounter. Don't be afraid to experiment with all of your sexual shades, no matter how dark.

More Information
Manufacturer Pipedream
Color Black
Secondary Colors Silver also used in this product.
Detailed Material This item is made of Metal, Neoprene, Plastic
Overall Length The overall length is 10.25 inches.
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