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Shades of Grey Sub and Dom Kit

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Fun and easy to use bondage gear can be hard to find. For the beginner, it can be quite intimidating to see the more hardcore products. If whips and leather is a little too much, but you still want to show your dominance, the Shades of Grey Sub and Dom Kit is a great place to start.

Despite popular belief, kinky doesn't have to mean uncomfortable. The Shades of Grey Sub and Dom Kit comes with two tethers and leash/collar combo all of which are lined with velvet. This lining provides enough cushion to make your rough play not only fun, but also comfortable. The cuffs can be used on either the wrists or the ankles and looped under your mattress or headboard to keep your sub firmly in place. Who says that all of the fun has to happen in the bedroom though? The leash is adjustable so that either of you can enjoy having the power on the go while the other is relatively comfortable. For the true showing of your control, there are also two long candles for you to drip onto your partner and scrape off.

The Shades of Grey Sub and Dom Kit is a great set to either introduce you into kinky play or to expand your box full of goodies. The strong yet soft tethers and leash will remind your partner who is in charge, while causing no permanent harm. For a little extra intensity, the two included candles can be slowly dripped onto your partner. When using the candles, please be sure to stay away from the face. In general, work your way up to more sensitive areas, starting with the chest. This kit is proof that it is possible to have comfort and intensity during kinky play.

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Manufacturer 11
Color Black
Secondary Colors Silver, White also used in this product.
Detailed Material This item is made of 241, 271, 275, 296, 304
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