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Shades of Grey Wartenberg Wheel

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Spine tingling and erotic, the Shades of Grey Wartenberg Wheel is an intense toy. It\'s not what immediately comes to mind when you think of something to use in the bedroom, but this adds a whole new level to your bondage play without looking too intimidating.

The Shades of Grey Wartenberg Wheel is sleek and stylish, with a bright red handle and silver fixtures on the top. The wheel on top is deceptively small but trust us, it packs its intended punch. Slowly roll it over your partners\' neck, back, or any other sensitive external areas for added stimulation. It is meant to be used lightly (think like a naughty version of a feather during foreplay) but can be pressed harder for an even more intense play session. This toy is best for partners who have some experience with fetish toys and knows where to push to get the most out of their foreplay. Now one of the most interesting toys from the Fifty Shades series can be a star in your bedroom.

More Information
Manufacturer Pipedream
Color Red
Secondary Colors Metallic Silver also used in this product.
Detailed Material This item is made of ABS, Metal
Overall Length The overall length is 6.25 inches.
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