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Shane's World Her Stimulator

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Women, take control of your pleasure with the Shane's World Stimulator for HER! This pretty pink multi-speed vibrating bullet will send you over the edge! The easy to use progressive dial controller lets you slowly (or quickly!) increase or decrease the level of stimulation you apply to your clit, or anywhere else. Bullets in general, (this one included) are great for vaginal and anal insertion, because of their moderate diameter and high powered motors, but beware, bullets are typically not 100% seamless so to be safe please slip the bullet into a condom or toy cover to ensure easy insertion and retrieval.

Give the controls to your lover and let them have a go if you are feeling generous, either way, you win!
More Information
Manufacturer 4
Color Pink
Power This item is powered by 181 size battery.
Detailed Material This item is made of 274
Overall Length The overall length is 312 inches.
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