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Swiss Navy Silicone Lube

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Swiss Navy says their Silicone Lube is “The standard by which all others will be judged”. We think those are pretty strong words, but can’t really disagree. Swiss Navy Silicone Lube is one of the longest lasting silicone lubes we carry (possibly the longest). It is silky smooth, features the highest grade silicone components on the market, it is non-absorbable and it is packaged in a leak-proof single hand pump bottle that makes slippery application a breeze.

What we love most about this lube however is the fact that it is not slimy and overly thick the way many silicone lubes are. It is what we consider “pourable”, which is an important factor for us. You always want to be able to get lube where you need it during hectic sexual activity.

Cleanup is not as “smooth” a process as we would like, as the moist remnants of the lube take a little effort to wash off, but it really is not that bad – par for the course when it comes to silicone lubes. We recommend this product highly.

More Information
Manufacturer MD Science Lab
Lube Detail Silicone Based
Volume 4 oz.
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