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Sydnee Steele Amethyst Arouser

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This is a unique toy created by Wicked pictures for blockbuster porn-star Sydnee Steele (see he smash hit Euphoria).

The toy's design is based on a rabbit-like theory of dual internal and clitoral stimulation, but its compact size makes this toy much more bunny than rabbit. The theme of the toy and packaging suggests an Earthy, nature vibe, but we assure you this baby is out of this world. Pack it in your purse or keep it in hidden in your car for on the go ecstasy!

The smooth, proprietary Crystalessence material glides effortlessly inside you, while the clit tickler flutters against your magic spot. In a pinch it doesn't get much better than this. Much more convenient than a full-sized rabbit when you are hopping around on the go!

More Information
Manufacturer 4
Color Purple
Power This item is powered by 182 size battery.
Detailed Material This item is made of 251
Overall Length The overall length is 325 inches.
Insertable Length The insertable length is 412 inches.
Thin Girth The thin girth of this item is 469 inches.
Thick Girth The thick girth of this item is 4.5 inches.
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