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Tenga Flip Hole

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The Tenga Flip Hole is so cool. Any guy that is familiar with male masturbators knows that there are cheap, disposable type strokers and then there are the more high-end, long-term reusable strokers (both types have their benefits). The Flip Hole falls into the high-end category and in many respects, it improves upon it. First of all, from a hygiene perspective, it is awesome that the Flip Hole has a clamshell design that allows the toy to completely split in half and open up for easy cleaning and hang-drying. When we opened one of these up for the first time we were mesmerized by the intricacy of the precision, super-squishy silicone molding, it is gorgeous (rumor has it that the mold design received input from one of the designers of a Ferrari engine).

On the outside of the toy you will find textured grip panels, which help ensure a steady stroke, but what you may not know until you handle a Flip Hole is that the textured grip handles can be squeezed to tighten the hole in different areas, depending on where you apply pressure. Prefer a tighter, suction-like experience? Just grip firmly. Keep in mind though that the interior mold is unlike that of any other male masturbator on the market and we are completely serious when we say that some customers have found it to be "too much". It provides a guaranteed orgasm and over time can be a great stamina building tool to help guys last longer.

The Flip Hole comes in four different colors, each featuring its own slightly different texture. In a blind survey you could probably tell the difference if you really focused, but you would love them all for different reasons.

The Original, White Flip Hole is the masturbator that started it all! The gear-like interior ridges promote a heavy vacuum sensation, we love all our Flip Holes, but we really are still in awe of the original.

The Black Flip Hole is probably the tightest of the bunch and it features very dramatic spheres and walls of jelly that you must push through and conquer!

The Silver Flip Hole has an icicle-like, jagged interior (don't worry - it is very soft and pleasant). The entryway is especially tight and pushing nicely against the glans as you penetrate!

The Red Flip Hole combines gentle stroker nubs, a diagonal brushing rib section extra firm strokers and rippling zone - with this many textures we consider the red to offer the most varied experience, which changes by the inch during stroking.

Each Flip Hole is conveniently packaged with a very generous sampling of Tenga's premium lubes, but if you love the Flip Hole as much as we do, don't expect the samples to last very long.

More Information
Manufacturer 35
Color Silver
Waterproof Yes, This item is waterproof.
Lube Detail 135
Detailed Material This item is made of 274, 293
Overall Length The overall length is 331 inches.
Insertable Length The insertable length is 426 inches.
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