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The Macho Pulsating Erection Keeper

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Every man, regardless of his aptitude in bed, needs a good cock ring. I know what you\'re thinking; \"I please my partner just fine, I don\'t need help in the hay.\" Whoa now, we didn\'t mean anything by it. Just think about it though- wouldn\'t it be nice to have one less thing to worry about during sex so that you could truly lean back and enjoy? With the Macho Pulsating Erection Keeper, you\'ll know that your partner will be feeling as great as you do.

Thicker than the normal jelly-rings that we see, this large toy boasts 7 functions for rock hard erections. Powered by simple push button, the 7 functions are changed through cycling the same on button. The rather large bullet inside of the ring is more than enough to rock the clitoris and your penis at the same time, keeping you both pleased. The thick ring is enough for even the roughest of play, so there\'s no need to tone yourself down. In all, this is a great toy for stimulating the clitoris and penis during sex and a welcome addition to any toy box.

More Information
Manufacturer Nasstoys
Color Purple
Waterproof Yes, This item is waterproof.
Phthalate Free Yes, This item is phthalate free.
Detailed Material This item is made of Silicone
Overall Length The overall length is 2 inches.
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