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The Naturals 7" Thick Dong with Balls

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You like it thick and realistic. Don't be shy, nobody here is judging (in fact, we agree!) When we go to our toy box, The Naturals toys are always among our faves! Why? They're nearly perfect. With almost every length imaginable, we have been very anxious to see something a little thicker. Thankfully, we finally have our answer in The Naturals 7" Thick Dong with Balls.

Built to the same amazingly lifelike standards as all of the other dildos in The Naturals line. Molded after an actual erect penis, the bulges and veins are appropriately placed and lend themselves to creating the unique experience of playing with a perfect penis. While packing a very respectable length of 7", the real selling point is this toy's thick girth. You will be completely fulfilled during your play sessions, with a full 7" of girth to keep you happy. Perfect for vaginal and anal play, this thick and realistic toy is a great addition to any serious toy lovers box.

More Information
Manufacturer 8
Color Caucasian Flesh
Waterproof Yes, This item is waterproof.
Phthalate Free Yes, This item is phthalate free.
Overall Length The overall length is 329 inches.
Insertable Length The insertable length is 421 inches.
Thick Girth The thick girth of this item is 7 inches.
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