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Wet Ecstasy Water Based Cooling Lubricant

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Things tend to get pretty “hot” in the bedroom sometimes. Could that be the inspiration behind Wet Ecstasy Water Based Cooling Lube?

Formulated to include a hint of peppermint extract, Wet Ecstasy provides a very pleasant tingling/cooling sensation during use. But that’s not all! - it also has muira puama, an extract from the Brazilian Amazon said to increase sexual stamina and damiana of Mexico, an extract that has been used like Viagra for centuries. To help stimulate the circulatory system and increase blood flow, ginger root is also present, as are passion flower and ginkgo biloba for their skin soothing properties.

A great tool for spicing up otherwise mundane bedroom romps; this is the perfect companion to intercourse, partner/partner hand stimulation and solo masturbation. Pair a sensation lubricant such as this with a blindfold and you will drive your partner wild. Blow on spots where you’ve applied the lube for extra sensation.

Like all water based lubes, easy cleanup is assured and so is compatibility with toys made of all materials. This lube tends to be a bit more fluid and less thick than it’s silicone based competitors, but thin lubes obviously have their place as well. They can be easily poured or squirted with one hand and will flow into all of your nooks and crannies with ease. Give Ecstasy a try – its…cool (sorry...had to).

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Manufacturer Wet
Lube Detail Water Based
Volume 3.6 oz.
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