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Wet Fun Flavors

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Flavored lube can be \"icki\". It usually tastes like really bad Halloween candy (from last year), it can be a mess to clean up and as a result, it can be a mood killer in the sack. Still, the idea behind flavored lube is nothing short of genius. Flavored lube encourages oral play, a most intimate bedroom pastime. Wet Fun Flavors makes a respectable case for bringing tasty lube into your love life. The lube is water based, it will not stain, it wipes up easily with a damp cloth (or tongue) and as a wonderful added bonus, it provides a gentle warming sensation when blown on.

The Passion Fruit Pizzazz flavor is a fruity blend that tastes like a typical fruit punch. Overall it has a citrus-based flavor range.

The Tropical Fruit Explosion flavor is similar to the Passion Fruit Pizzazz, but for the most part it is less citrus, and more melon-like.

The Popp\'n Cherry flavor is, well, you guessed it, cherry.

The Seductive Strawberry warms as you massage your partner. Just like everything else in the bedroom, blow on it to get it hotter and lick it off for a treat.

The Watermelon Blast flavors tastes exactly like a picnic on a hot summer day.
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Manufacturer Wet
Lube Detail Silicone Based
Volume 4.1 oz.
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